By Ben Cousins

Today a bill proposed by Brandon Adams was passed proposing that student-athletes should be paid for playing at a collegiate level. In this bill, public and private schools would be required to pay their athletes or risk losing five percent of the federal funding.

The act shall take effect ninety days prior to the passing of the bill. It would be left to the board of regents how this pay is distributed. The pay may may be given to the student directly or be used to help with the student’s college tuition that scholarships or financial aid do not pay.   

“I am an athlete myself; I am just trying to make life easier for these students,” Adams said.

Adams commented that athletes are a primary source of income for universities, so they should be compensated fairly. In addition, some athletes can end up clocking more than 45 hours a week going to practice and games, making it difficult for them keep up with their grades, much less go out apply for jobs and work.

“We want to allow athletes to receive payment for their sports in order to compensate for what they give back to the university. Studies show that forty percent of student athletes struggle finding or maintaining jobs,” said Adams.

Ridah Shaik commented, many student athletes are constantly under pressure mentally and physically. It doesn’t help that they also have to worry about their financial situation. The athletes have to go out,day after day, and push themselves to the limit, just to wake up and do it all again.

“Some sports can affect your health. Not only is it harmful to their time they could be spending on other things, it’s such a commitment. It doesn’t only take a toll on them mentally and physically, but also financially. They really deserve to get compensated when their are risks that could affect you seriously,” said Shaik.