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Post-District Announcements

Hello YG Participants!

Congratulations on all your successful District Conferences! All were a wonderful start to the official 2016-2017 program season across the state. We hope that all participants and volunteers enjoyed learning and engaging with other YG participants from their area.

We are now gearing up for the High School and Middle School State Conferences! To help you prepare, we have a few announcements regarding upcoming events and deadlines for state:

  • If you are in Legislative or State Affairs and would like to submit a REVISED copy of your bill or proposal, you may do so here until December 9th, 2016 for High School or January 9th, 2017 for Middle School. Please only submit a new copy if you have made changes to your bill or proposal since your District Conference. 
  • Appellate Students: The form to submit your Appellate Briefs is now open. It closes on December 9th, 2016.
    • Austin District Appellate Students: Please only submit a new copy of your briefs if you have made changes to them since your District Conference.
  • The application to be in the Governor’s Cabinet or Lobbyist Section (High School only) is now open.
    It closes on December 9th, 2016.
  • The application for District Judges (Trial Court – High School only) is now open.
    It closes on December 9th, 2016.
  • If you are a student who won the office you ran for at your District Conference, and you are now the official candidate from your District for that office, the Application for Candidates for State Office is now open.
    It closes on December 9th, 2016.

As always, please reach out to your club advisor, District Director or State Office if you have any administrative questions about the program. Additionally, be on the look out for the 2017 Preconference Brochure coming soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Revised Judicial Case and Memo Now Available

Hello YG Participants! The time for District Conferences has almost arrived.

Judicial participants: After reviewing your questions about this program year’s trial case, a revised case has been published along with a memo responding to various concerns. Please be sure to look these over prior to your District Conference and incorporate any new information into your practices.

Additionally, District Registration is now open for ALL YG participants. You or your club advisor should be registering you for your District Conference, including selecting your appropriate Legislative program section (if applicable). If there are issues with registration, please contact your District Director.

We are excited to see all of your preparation and skills on display at the District Conferences. Keep up the great work and enjoy your conference!

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