The appeal process is an integral part of our legal system. An appeal is when a party claims that some error was made in the trial of the case and that party asks a higher court to force the trial court to correct the error

Appellate is designed to introduce them to the legal system, enhance their critical thinking and communication skills, and provide a basic understanding of how legal arguments are constructed and presented. Delegates to practice and improve their skills in legal research, oral advocacy, and argumentation.

Love to debate, Appeals Court is the place for you. Show off your ability to defend your stance, along with your writing skills, so that you and your teammate reverse the decision on a case! Students can also participate as Judges presiding over the court room and make the ultimate decision on who wins the case!

Appellate Resources

Case Material

This year’s case is called the Case of the Faith Healing Father. Click the bottoms below to read more.

Appellate Case Material

Delegates are permitted to submit any questions regarding the case, and appellate rules of appellate procedures. Such questions should be submitted below by October 13, 2023.

An official response by the Judicial Section leaders will be posted to on that same page no later than October 27, 2023.

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Rules of Procedure

The YMCA Texas Youth and Government Appellate Competition is governed by the rules set forth below. These rules are designed to ensure excellence in presentation and fairness in scoring all rounds and tournaments. These rules are supplemented by any specific stipulations and comments provided in the current case. These rules are also supplemented by the Rules of Procedure any other documents issued by the Texas Judicial Section Leader.

Rules of Procedure


Below you will find briefs cover pages templates.

Need help writing your briefs, see some examples from past delegates here

Appeals Court forms to familiarize yourself with

Courtroom Documents (COMING SOON)

Bailiff Time Sheet

Evaluation Forms (COMING SOON)

Appeals Court Evaluation Form
Appeals Court Tips for Evaluators