State Affairs Forum is designed to broaden participants’ knowledge of pre-selected current events topics. State Affairs Forum uses the structure of committee hearings with parliamentary procedure where students propose solutions to important current issues.  It encourages debate on these solutions and thereby fosters in-depth understanding of the topics at hand. Delegates are encouraged to be vocal, listen intently, and participate as much as possible.

Our goal for our State Affairs Forum participants is for them to understand well-formulated solutions (not legislation) for major problems facing Texas and the national/international community, furthering their holistic understanding of news events and empowering them to speak intelligently about feasible ways to address such problems.

The SAF topics and supporting materials can be found underneath the toggle below.

Please note that all of the documents and procedures serve as a reference for an in-person conference. District and State Conferences will be virtual for the 2020-2021 program year. As a result, the following documents and procedures may be modified for a virtual conference.

2020 Outstanding SAF Proposals