Support the YMCA Texas Youth and Government Program!

YMCA Texas Youth and Government (Texas YG) is part nationwide, youth led, civic engagement program for middle and high school students with a mission to help teens become responsible citizens and future leaders of our nation. Our goal is to engage diverse youth across from all socioeconomic backgrounds and teach them about civic engagement while also providing them with unique learning and leadership development skills.

Financial accessibility is a core foundation of the Y and your donation will help reduce the cost barriers for students from low-to-moderate income levels and help make participation possible. The need for teens to learn about civic engagement and advocacy, early in life, to enact change could not be more urgent. Our program prepares students through education and hands-on experience to commit to voting, volunteering, and participating in their community. 

Participants engage from all across Texas and more than half request and receive financial assistance. Your gift will help the YMCA Texas Youth and Government State Office provide scholarships and ensure program costs remain low for participants. 

Why do we need Texas Youth and Government? Read the 2018 Texas Civic Health Index for details. 

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