Support YMCA Texas Youth and Government Program with a donation during our

Constitution Day Fundraiser!

235 years ago today our founding fathers signed the Constitution. The constitution is so important because it outlines our government system and holds the bill of rights. The best part is that the constitution can evolve and change to fit our needs as a country.

Without the Constitution, Youth and Government wouldn’t be the impactful program it is today. The constitution and the rights it protects serve as a foundation for the program’s goal to help young people become responsible citizens through political leadership and civic engagement. 

Youth in Government is a space where students can explore their interests in politics while gaining leadership experience so that they may feel empowered to impact the world as our founding fathers did. As we reflect on the impact the constitution has had on our lives, please consider making a contribution to help us continue to provide guidance and support to students in the YG program. We will be fundraising for the remainder of September to help send students to YG state conference.

YMCA Texas Youth and Government (Texas YG) is part nationwide, youth-led, civic engagement program for middle and high school students with a mission to help teens become responsible citizens and future leaders of our nation. Our goal is to engage diverse youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds and teach them about civic engagement while also providing them with unique learning and leadership development skills.

Why do we need Texas Youth and Government? Read the 2018 Texas Civic Health Index for details. 

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