Governor’s Cabinet and Lobbyists

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Our Governor’s Cabinet section works directly with our Youth Governor.  The Youth Governor sets a legislative agenda for the State Conference. He or she then works with the Cabinet to lobby in the Legislative chambers for his or her agenda, which is comprised of specific bills or issues he or she would like to see debated and acted upon.  The Lobbyists make reasoned arguments against the Youth Governor’s agenda.

Our goal for our Governor’s Cabinet and Lobbyists section is for participants to engage professionally with one another in discussing legislation about which the Youth Governor is passionate and to persuade Legislative delegates to feel similarly or differently. Participants will be able to attempt to accomplish their own goals respectfully while assisting our Youth Governor.  They will also develop debate and technical skills related to lobbying or working in the state government.

The Governor’s Cabinet and Lobbyists Criteria and supporting materials can be found on the Resource Portal page in the Governor’s Cabinet/Lobbyist section and underneath the toggle below.

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