Trial Court

Each year students evaluate and debate high profile cases from across the nation. Double murders, wrongful death, top civil cases and so much more! This section allows you to team up with a group of friends who like to be dramatic and argue your case, both prosecution and defense! Students can also participate as Judges preside over the courtroom and make the ultimate decision on who has wins the case!

Teams combine drama addicts and straight debaters to make your team the one to beat! Two to three attorneys lead the team through the trial, while the witness and bailiffs help carry the case…guilty or not guilty!

Trial Court Resources

Case Material

This years, The Case of the Confused Cop, was selected at the 2023 State Conference by the trial court delegates. Click the bottoms below to read more.


Trial Case


Trial Evidence

Delegates are permitted to submit any questions regarding the case, trial rules and procedures and simplified rules of evidence. Such questions should be submitted below by October 13, 2023.

An official response by the Judicial Section leaders will be posted to on that same page no later than October 27, 2023. The written response will serve as a “clarification” to submitted questions  and will become part of the case materials.

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Rules of Evidence & Rules of Procedure

The YMCA Texas Youth and Government Mock Trial Competition is governed by the rules set forth below. These rules are designed to ensure excellence in presentation and fairness in scoring all trials and tournaments. These rules are supplemented by any specific stipulations and comments provided in the current case. These rules are also supplemented by the Rules of Evidence, Rules of Procedure any other documents issued by the Texas Judicial Section Leader.

Rules of Procedure

Updated 9/20/2023

Rules of Evidence

Updated 9/25/2023

Below you will find helpful videos of some important trial court courtroom procedures.

Trial Court forms to familiarize yourself with

Courtroom Documents (COMING SOON)

Bailiff Time Sheet
Team Roster Sheet

Evaluation Forms (COMING SOON)

Trial Court Evaluation Form
Judge Evaluation Form
Trial Court Tips for Evaluators