Our Youth and Government (YG) staff here in Texas continue to provide a safe and engaging experience for all involved in YG, and our program would not be able to function at such a high level without their dedicated time and effort.  A list of staff who implement the YG program within their districts is below. Please contact these District Directors with specific questions about the programs in their districts.

District 1: Midland/Odessa
District Director – Jan Van Eman
YMCA of Midland
[email protected]

District 2: Austin/San Antonio/Corpus Christi/Williamson County
District Director – Matt Wilson
YMCA of Austin
[email protected]

District 3: Houston/Port Arthur
District Director – Gloria Guzman
YMCA of Greater Houston
[email protected]

District 4: Fort Worth/Arlington
District Director – Jessica Bruda
Airport Area YMCA
[email protected]

District 5: Dallas/Palestine

District Director – Yashi McGowan
YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas
[email protected]

YMCA Texas Youth and Government
Interim State Director – Missy Garcia
YMCA of Austin
[email protected]