Welcome back, Leg. students! Read your officers’ welcome letters: Youth Governor and Lieutenant Governor

JYG students: Read your JYG Youth Governor’s welcome letter

The Legislative section involves participants identifying issues for legislation, bill writing, debating, bill presentation, and participation in a legislative body. Participants prepare legislation (bills, or sometimes joint resolutions) in their clubs for consideration, debate, and action at the District and State Conferences. At the District Conference, Hearing Committees consider each bill and take appropriate action. At the State Conference, all bills are heard first in a committee, and some bills then advance to be heard again by a larger audience in the House and/or Senate chambers. Bills that pass both chambers are sent to the Youth Governor for his or her consideration.

Our goal for our Legislative participants is acquisition of valuable experience writing, researching, and debating mock-legislation in a process that closely mirrors the process of our Texas Legislature. This experience increases awareness both of how our state government works and pertinent current events.

The Bill Template and other supporting materials can be found underneath the toggle below.

***Please note, we are excited to return to in-person programming and conferences for 2021-2022. As a result, we are reverting back to our documents and procedures that support in-person debate. Any reference to virtual procedures and debate timing no longer apply.

2021 Legislative Updates Memo 

2021 Bills Signed into Law

Writing Your Bill

Banned Topics 2021-2022

Legislative Checklist for Bills

Legislative Bill Template (Word) **save this template using correct criteria before submitting, instructions at top of template. 

Austin District Bill Submission Forms: High School, Middle School

Dallas District Bill Submission Forms: High School, Middle School

Fort Worth District Bill Submission Forms: High School, Middle School

Houston District Bill Submission Forms: High School, Middle School

Midland District Bill Submission Forms: High School

Committee Forms

Legislative Pro/Con Slips

Legislative Amendment Forms (not applicable for virtual conferences)

Appointed Positions

Leadership Opportunities: Descriptions of Appointed Positions

Quick Reference Forms, Training Videos, and Manual

YG Guidelines for Chamber Assignments (High School)

JYG Guidelines for Chamber Assignments (Middle School)

Instructional Debate Video: Floor Debate

Legislative Basics 6th Edition

Committee Chair Reminders

Hearing Committee Timing Sheet

Joint Rules For House and Senate 

Speaker of the House & President Manual

Hearing Committee Chairperson/Clerk Manual

Floor Chair Reference Sheet (coming soon)

Example of Bill Jacket

Example of Farabee Senate Journal

Example of Hyde House Journal 

Example of House Journal

Legislative Volunteers use evaluation forms below to observe Hearing Committee Debate and Chair/Clerk Teams

Committee Delegate Evaluation Form

Chair/Clerk Evaluation Form