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Registration and Other Reminders!

Happy Halloween, Texas YG!  As District Conferences draw nearer, we wanted to remind our students and advisors of our approaching deadlines and opportunities.

  • The State Office’s individual registration form will close November 6, 2017.  Your District may have an earlier registration deadline, but please make sure your form is in before the State’s deadline passes to avoid the $25 late registration fee you will need to pay if you register after this date.
  • Don’t forget about our CONA intent to apply!  Students interested in attending the Conference on National Affairs should let us know before their District Conferences using this form so they can receive priority during the application review process.
  • Now’s your chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!  If you haven’t done so already, please complete the pre-program survey to help us ensure Texas YG provides high-quality programming.  10 lucky winners will be randomly selected from the group of students who complete the survey by November 6!
  • If your parent/guardian has not yet completed a paper or electronic authorization, please ask him or her to check for a reminder email from the State Office.  If no email has arrived, please contact Molly Martin and let her know a parent/guardian email address to which she can resend the authorization email.  We may have the wrong email for your parent/guardian in our system.
  • Make sure you’re getting your briefs, bills, proposals, and media assignments in by your District deadlines!

Please note that our forms submission platform, Form Assembly, has experienced technological difficulties over the past week.  We hope the issue is now resolved and apologize for any issues you’ve encountered.  If you have trouble with any of our forms, please keep reloading and trying to submit your information.  Thank you!

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Officer Profile: Meet Your Broadcast Executive Producer!

Meet Baylee Farris, the 2017-2018 Broadcast Executive Producer!  This year’s Media program features new curriculum, assignments, and key roles for media participants in overall conference coverage and fair coverage of candidates.  We’re excited to have Baylee at the helm and to see her on camera!

What draws you to broadcast media specifically?

I love to tell stories so speaking is much easier than writing. I also love to work with technology, and broadcast media gives me the best opportunity to do both.

What do you hope your broadcast section will achieve during this Texas YG program year?

I hope my team will learn how much effort and time goes into even a small clip. I also hope that they will be proud of what they make.

What are your future career and educational plans?

I’m very unsure about my future actually. I will most likely pursue something in either history or mass communications.

When you’re not busy with YG and school, what would we find you doing?

I really don’t get much free time between being stage manager for my school play and interning at my local radio station, but I always make time to listen to my music.

Thank you, Baylee!  We’re so glad you include Texas YG in your busy schedule.

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Officer Profile: Meet Your State Affairs Chair!

Thank you, Kaitlan, for sharing!  We love your passion for your position and our world!

Which topics on your State Affairs Forum list interest you most and why?

I tried to highlight topics that I was passionate about and that I inferred other delegates would be passionate about as well.  I find myself particularly invested in the Environmental topics as I added that subject this year. I know the Environment has been an in-and-out topic in previous years, so I was really excited to bring it back! I am really interested in EPA budget cuts that could affect a range of environmentally friendly companies and keep them from continuing to help our Earth. Furthermore, I really love the topic on human trafficking.  The issue affects so many lives here in Houston, I felt the topic was very relevant. Overall I wish there were time to write about all of them because they’re all so interesting to me! 🙂

Share one of your favorite memories from your past experience in Texas YG.

By far one of my proudest and most memorable moments from my time here at YG was my very first Con Intent speech I wrote for the final round of proposals my first year. The topic was police brutality, and I just remember feeling like that was my last chance to make my voice heard. My proposal didn’t pass after second chamber, so I stayed up later than I should have, drinking Starbucks from the cafe in the hotel, and I went to the proposal author’s source and disproved their entire proposal for action. While it may have seemed harsh at the time, I remember feeling a sense of self worth in that moment as I put maximum effort into my research.  Even though my legs were shaking during my speech, I was able to have my voice heard! It was humility at its best, and I felt the true meaning of friendly competition and justice in that moment.

What are your future career and educational plans?

Upon graduation I plan to drive to Minnesota where I will spend my summer as a first-time counselor at my childhood summer camp that I have been attending for nine years. Following summer, I will hopefully stay in Minnesota and double major in Environmental Science and Foreign Affairs. I plan to work with underdeveloped countries to renew their resources and make our Earth a little cleaner. A superhero? Maybe not… but I do want to save the world.

What fall festivities and traditions do you look forward to most?

I am really looking forward to carving a pumpkin! I remember as a kid my dad and I would bake the seeds, and I would eat them for weeks! Not to mention I will have something spooky to put by my door! Fall is by far my favorite season! I can’t wait to watch the leaves turn!

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Officer Profile: Meet Your Chief Justice!

Thanks to Youth Chief Justice, Noelle Mitchell, for sharing her experiences and future plans!

What are some experiences and/or current events that piqued your interest in law?

Growing up in a family that openly invited discussion and healthy debate about politics and matters of civic duty and morality made me feel free to explore different aspects of public policy and law from a young age. I really largely have my parents to thank for fostering my passion for serving others. And as I grew older, I began to realize the potential of law for use to serve others.

Share some goals you have for your time as Chief Justice.

First and foremost, my primary goal is to increase awareness about the Appellate section and all the great things that are happening in our program. Second, I hope to do my best to ensure that all Appellate delegates have all the information they need to be successful and to make sure they’re connected with the right people to help mentor them.

What are some of your future educational and career plans?

I’m planning on attending college as a political science/political philosophy major. I have applied to several colleges around the country…I will go to college wherever the Lord leads! At the moment, I hope to obtain a law degree after receiving my bachelor’s so I can become an advocacy lawyer for children, abused women, or refugees.

What are some of your unique talents and hobbies?

I’m heavily involved with Theater and One Act Play at my school as well as with Thespian Society!  Theater is actually how I learned to speak with an Irish and British accent. My favorite musical to listen to at the moment is “Come From Away” about the 38 planes that were forced to land in Gander, Newfoundland after the US airspace closed as a result of the 9/11 attacks.

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