Meet Baylee Farris, the 2017-2018 Broadcast Executive Producer!  This year’s Media program features new curriculum, assignments, and key roles for media participants in overall conference coverage and fair coverage of candidates.  We’re excited to have Baylee at the helm and to see her on camera!

What draws you to broadcast media specifically?

I love to tell stories so speaking is much easier than writing. I also love to work with technology, and broadcast media gives me the best opportunity to do both.

What do you hope your broadcast section will achieve during this Texas YG program year?

I hope my team will learn how much effort and time goes into even a small clip. I also hope that they will be proud of what they make.

What are your future career and educational plans?

I’m very unsure about my future actually. I will most likely pursue something in either history or mass communications.

When you’re not busy with YG and school, what would we find you doing?

I really don’t get much free time between being stage manager for my school play and interning at my local radio station, but I always make time to listen to my music.

Thank you, Baylee!  We’re so glad you include Texas YG in your busy schedule.