Read below to learn more about Jordan Clements, your 2017-2018 Texas YG High School Lt. Governor!

What are some key issues you have tackled in your past bills and proposals?

Some key issues I have tackled in my previous bills and proposals include Welfare Reform, Participation Awards, Campaign Finance, Vigilantism, Hardening the Power Grid, and, most recently, Whistle Blowing.

Share a little bit about your experience attending CONA earlier this year.

Besides my proposal not getting past first committee, I had an amazing time at CONA. On top of doing well enough to get the Outstanding Statesman award, I had an amazing time reuniting with old friends and meeting new friends from Texas and throughout the rest of the nation. The only thing that bugged me about CONA was that the DJ kept remixing songs together at the dance (but that’s not really something of too much concern when you’re with your closest friends).

What other extracurricular activities do you enjoy?  Fun facts you want to share?

Aside from YG and other Congressional Debate forums, I enjoy Extemporaneous Speaking, Stu Co, and Marching Band.  I consider myself a mega-nerd in many respects such as history, economics, current events, politics, comic book movies, and Star Wars.

What are your educational and career plans moving forward?

Moving forward, I hope to get a doctorate in economics and become an economics professor/researcher in the likes of Milton Friedman or Thomas Sowell. Later in life, I also hope to go into government for real and, hopefully, become President if I am so lucky to have such an honor bestowed upon me!

We love to hear about our students’ ambitions and the ways Texas YG inspires their future plans! Thanks, Jordan!