What a week our NJC 2017 participants had in the Windy City!  Check out the images and testimonials below to learn more about our delegates’ and volunteers’ experiences.  Texas YG has enjoyed a great summer attending national conferences and can’t wait for our more local District and State Conferences to come!  Program registration for 2017-2018 opens August 24.  Mark your calendars!

Being with all of my friends, having fun, and competing with them is the experience that stands out to me. In summer, we don’t always hangout as much as we would like to, and being with my team in Chicago was amazing!
So proud of our Youth and Government teams from Del Valle High School…Besides doing great in the competition, they also had a great time sightseeing, meeting a federal judge, dancing, and eating a lot of deep dish pizza (they decided that Lou Malnati’s is best).
A memory that…will stick with me is my last trial on Thursday. I didn’t agree with the judge on many things, and she was…harsh, but I think that was a good experience for my team to be exposed to that so that we can come back next year and be ready.
It’s nice to celebrate our wonderful volunteers, as well. Congrats to our Creekview appellate coach, Dr Jonathan Ray, for being selected to serve as Chief Justice for the showcase appellate round at National Judicial Competition. Compelling questions and a great sense of humor.
Dallas delegates competed hard for two days in appellate court. They made friends, got great scores, and, most of all, had fun. Boat cruise is a great way to close out the week.