In light of a recent article released by Print Media, Governor Kennedy Montgomery has requested we release a statement to defend his reasoning behind dismissing the media from his meetings. In Print Media we honor the input from delegates and officers alike, but we also support the work and reporting of our journalists. The Print Media department of YAG will not be retracting any facts in the published article. As stated in the original article, Governor Kennedy was within his power to dismiss the media, and we are in our power to report on those dismissals.

The statement from Governor Montgomery is as follows:

One of the corner stones of democracy is the freedom of press and I, as the youth executive (The Youth Governor), believe this is a necessary part of our political process. I feel as though when the media released their statement yesterday evening they were truly mistaken because we need the press in our political system so that we can keep it honest, but our media was incredibly misguided when they said that I (Governor Montgomery) “made the decision to eject the reporter covering his cabinet meeting”. I politely asked for five minutes of privacy in which the media delegate may have made an honest and ethical misunderstanding of my statement and intentions. In order to maintain the integrity of the governor’s agenda and his governor cabinet it is imperative that he has honest moments of sincere and ethical privacy that must not be misconstrued as an attack on the media that I so passionately support.