By: Camille Pfister

With a new conference came a new schedule, school, and guide book. The 2017 District Youth & Government Conference was moved from Austin High School to Hays High School, and this move required a new guide book. This 26-page book was filled with the large scale schedule, room numbers, candidates for office, a roster, legislative bills, and state affairs proposals. Most sections received additional packets and papers.

Some delegates found this information confusing. “When I was looking at it I needed to find out where I could find where each person was for Judicial. It also would have been helpful if I could have known which room every person was in for legislative,” Rachel King, a sophomore at Dripping Springs High School, said.

Not all Youth and Government students found the book confusing, though. “I’ve been only looking at the Trial Court Schedule, just because we have to know what time we have to start our Mock Trial,” Crystal Romero, a junior at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders High School, said. “I feel like

[the large packet] is a good thing because it allows everyone to be informed.”

According to some delegates, there is room for improvement. “Maybe they could have divided it up into sections, a separate book for each section… so that you could have everything you needed, everything organized, and geared to each person’s needs,” King said.

“I feel like this packet has everything you need… so honestly I don’t think I’d change anything,” Romero said.