Between cheering on Jared Bouloy’s and Keilan Lewis’ passing proposals at the Washburn General Assembly and rooting for Youth Governor Sharif Long and pro intent speaker Noelle Mitchell at Thursday afternoon’s Plenary Session (livestream here, students had a chance to take advantage of the beautiful and historic location of the Blue Ridge Assembly.  Some delegates participated in a trip to the Biltmore, the private estate built by George Washington Vanderbilt II near Asheville, NC in the late 19th century.  Designed by Richard Morris Hunt, the house is considered a great example of American Chateauesque architecture and a testament to the Gilded Age.  Other delegates went on hikes in the area surrounding the Assembly or took well-deserved breaks from activities to relax.  Delegates have also been able to enjoy pizza together each night as part of their Delegation Meetings and participate in optional Morning Devotions, and they are looking forward to tonight’s Closing Fire Ceremony.  Thanks to all for a wonderful and successful CONA 2017!