YG Participants….

We look forward to seeing you in Austin in just 2 short weeks.  Soon we will post the Conference Brochure, Bill Book and Proposal Book on the website for you to begin reviewing schedules and making final preparations for the conference. Here are a few updates:

  • This year’s YG Officers have selected “Ancient Greece, the Foundation of Democracy” as the dance theme.  We will provide guidelines and some pictures for appropriate attire you can wear to the dance.
  • The dress for the banquet is business attire, so students will not need to change upon returning from the State Capitol on Saturday to go the banquet. After the closing ceremonies, students will have time to then change for the dance and evening social.
  • Additionally we have posted the memo with judicial questions and answers to the resource portal in both Trial and Appellate.  There are no major changes to the case, just some clarifications to a few of the questions that were submitted.
  • Look for emails from your section leaders in Media, Appellate and Elections for some last reminders you need before conference.
  • We are hosting a Senior Reception on Saturday evening before the banquet dinner. This is a short 1 hour event for our graduating seniors and will include some round table discussions with guest speakers who will share career paths ins some different fields.

See you soon!