The importance of media in government 

By: Kyle Gehman

Over the past year, the media has been under scrutiny from the POTUS, Donald Trump, as well as other politicians and members of society. Journalists have been called ‘among the most dishonest humans being on earth’ by the President and booed by Americans while they perform their job. However, now more than ever, it is more of a duty than a job for the media to inform the people about the news.

During this age of journalism, new platforms are being used to reach audiences through the likes of social media outlets such as Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. This has increased readership of the news but at the same time it has promoted the spread of fake news. In Washington D.C., a fake news story about a Hillary Clinton led sex-trafficking ring, drew a man to a pizza place with a semi-automatic weapon to self-investigate what was going on. Stories like these have misinformed the public and created more of a distrust in the media nationwide. So, why is it important for news agencies to continue reporting?

Despite increasing pressure, it is essential for journalists to continue their work because everyone deserves the truth. Controversial topics whether it is the election, a police shooting, or even a controversial YG bill must be covered because the public must understand what is going on around them, with world and national events and issues that are going to affect them, and they must be well informed. These stories and reports help inform the public so they can form opinions, and help show what may need to be fixed. Reporters are the watchdog for all of society. They look for injustice to expose. They investigate how Americans will be affected. They give insight so that others can learn.

Without the press, our elections wouldn’t work the same because the only information voters had would be from the candidates. Without the press, businesses and their products would not be held to the same high standards of honesty, respect and reliability. And without the press, issues concerning race or prejudice would not be revealed to the nation. Without the press, the United States wouldn’t be what it is today.

Here at the Youth and Government State Conference, the consequences of the media is significantly less but with the combination of the print, social and broadcast media, delegates may learn about candidates running for office, about what bills are being debated and what is going on during the entire Youth and Government conference. Media delegates here are the future of journalists, and it is important that they and everyone else understand their important role in the democratic system. They are the next in line to promote justice and freedom for all Americans.