By Christina van Waasbergen

The Farabee Senate passed a bill requiring a background check for all gun purchases in the state of Texas. The bill now moves on to the Farabee House.

Rachel Browning, a junior from Christian Life Preparatory School, spoke in favor of this bill. She believes that it will help to maintain safety without violating people’s rights.

“[This bill] is not setting any strict limits that people in this box can’t get guns but people in this box can.” Browning said. “It’s just encouraging caution, and it allows for exceptions with people in unique situations.”

Bethany Bass, a senior from Garland High School, argued against this bill. She believes that preventing people with mental illness from buying guns is ableist.  

“Mental illness can range from schizophrenia to postpartum depression.” Bass said in her speech to the Senate. “Should a mother not be able to buy a gun to protect her children?”