By: Willow Dalehite

Candidates are mentioned in order of appearance.

Laurel Hanson: Attorney General Candidate

“Everyone who’s made it here to state must have one thing in common – Youth and government is important to us.”

“I want to focus on clarity in the Youth & Government program by making sure that important competition information is available for everyone. We need equity of access… and this means posting all registration dates, case release dates, competition dates, and payment dates on the website.”

Grayson Winchester: Attorney General Candidate

“I believe each one of us in this room has the opportunity to positively influence each other, through our knowledge that we gain in our own government.”

“As attorney general, I will make it my goal to increase technologies and networks with which delegates from different schools will be able to better collaborate with one another, in order to be more effectively prepared for the District and State conferences.”

Mia Nguyen: Attorney General Candidate

“Every single participant in Youth and Government matters … Any organization, especially Texas Youth & Government, works best when all opinions are heard, and I will make sure that will happen if I get elected.”

“I would like to seek sponsors for Texas Youth & Government scholarships, because I do believe that what we do here is very amazing; we are full of hard-working, ambitious, and inspiring people.”

Jadarius Jones: Attorney General Candidate

“After hearing the concerns of my fellow judicial participants, the first thing I aim for this delegation is to solve the major issue of scores… In office, I will modify the score forms so it will allow groups to garner their results discreetly and in a timely fashion.”

Equal is everyone getting the same thing. Fair is getting what everyone needs in order to be successful. Help me make our judicial section equal and fair.”

Amena Tep Chief Justice Candidate

“I would like to improve

[Youth & Government] by focusing on the organization of the appellate rounds and communication with the teams, and… [preventing] confusion with the teams by being clear about the rules and regulations.”

“While attending the appeals section of the YMCA program, I have increased my knowledge of the many cases, as well as solidified my passion for this section.”

Alysha Orbach Youth Governor Candidate

“Youth & Government changed my life … I learned how to lead a group of thirty two as my school’s Judicial section leader, and how to be more open-minded at Legislative’s National Conference. Most importantly, through these experiences I’ve learned that I love to help others become the best leaders that they can be – and that’s something I want to do here.”

“What better way to help the legislative leaders in this room than to help you hone your public speaking skills? During committee in District, presiding evaluators will write on comment cards about your approach in order to give you feedback, so you are better prepared for State.”

Chris Tian: Youth Governor Candidate

“I hate Youth & Government. I hate that in legislative, there is not enough time to debate all the bills on the docket. I hate that in judicial, the delegates don’t have the freedom to choose the case. I hate that in State Affairs, time restrictions restrict debates… Most of all, I hate the fact that I have things to hate in a club I love so much.”

“My first plan of action would be to allow cross-delegation teams for things like Judicial, chairs and clerks, and State Affairs teams.”

Jonathan Forseth: Youth Governor Candidate

“There’s one important thing you should know about all of my accomplishments: none of them matter. What matters to you is how I can help you, how we can work together as a youth government to improve this program.”

“Don’t be afraid to voice your opinions. Don’t be afraid to state your position. Don’t let someone intimidate you into being silent, because your voice is irreplaceable! Our voices can break down walls just as well as they can build bridges, so this weekend, let’s build bridges!”

Aayush Dave: Youth Governor Candidate

“My goal is that we can sustain and augment this impact for years to come through a three point plan. One: enhance the State and District Conference experience. Two: create new opportunities for participation. And three: most importantly, increase involvement at the grassroots level so that more students have access to Youth and Government across the state of Texas. I want to be known as the grassroots candidate.”

“At times [amending Youth and Government] can appear daunting, if not insurmountable. However our mission, our founding mission, has always been to cultivate America’s next generation of competent leadership – and if that is not what you think this great nation needs more than ever, either I have the wrong country or you have the wrong candidate.”

Voting will take place in the Renaissance Hotel lobby from 7:30 to 11 p.m. January 26th, and from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. January 27th.