By: Auyana Aird

A lot of people know “The Purge” as a thriller movie about the government legalizing crime, including murder, for a 12 hour period. People in the movie struggle to survive at night while trying not to turn into monsters like the ones they are striving to avoid.

Alyssa Jones from the Northpark YMCA created a bill to legalize the holiday of The Purge and declaring it an emergency. She was unable to present her bill today because she was chairing another committee room.

“This really says something [about] Youth and Government as a total,” said legislative delegate Jace Woody. “Chairs can’t really propose their own bills, and that generally is really disappointing. I think that we should have a system that would allow it.”

If a victim of the Purge dies after the Purge has ended due to harm done before the Purge has concluded, the aggressor shall not be charged with their death.

“On the whole Purge bill idea, I don’t know if it’s necessarily feasible, I mean we’ve seen it in movies, but whether or not it would benefit society even though I haven’t seen the bill being presented, the concept doesn’t seem good,”said legislative delegate Olivia Sirchio.

Not a single delegate in committee room agreed with the proposed topic.