By: Faith Pawley

First-year Delegate Ashish Dave has big plans for Texas. Changing road quality in cities and near airports to improve driving conditions and first impressions. He wanted to invest $10 billion dollars in road improvement through the use of funds and bonds. The bill was passed by a majority vote.

“Every Sunday during football season, my family and I go to the Texans’ games at Reliant Stadium,” Dave said. “We always have so much fun, but the one thing we all complain about are the roads.”

Dave used his own experience in Houston to support his argument of his bill. He brought up the fact of the numerous potholes, bumps and on-going construction in the city. He felt like the poorly-shaped roads of Houston was in great need. Thus, he began his research and presented his idea to the Hyde House.

“For the one time investments, it’s going to need some repairs. This will transform Texas,” Dave said. “We will get new roads again. Our roads will be safe again. This will benefit all involved and the drivers too. “

This bill created a great amount of debate in the Hyde House. He answered their questions clearly, supported by his resources of The National Highway Administration.

Many delegates supported his proposal, but one delegate was adamantly against it. He believed that it was un-economical and not supported well due to the few facts presented. He believed it should be tabled for he felt like it could not work with the current economical structure.

However, many of the delegates believed that many great changes would be in affect if the bill passed. Sebastian Callet supported the bill fully. He thought that the bill would improve street-front businesses and also believed that it would increase tourism in the city of Houston.  

“I really feel like it was a risk worth taking, there was really very little risk involved and we would get three-fold the profit,” Callet said. “Also it’s great for targeting Texas as a whole, it’s not going after one person or one place.”