By Devan Hodges

Chloe Gaytan is a senior at Veterans Memorial High School in San Antonio, TX. This year is her first year at the youth and government competition. In her free time, she plays Volleyball and works out. She has sparked up an interest in government because the class is a requirement for seniors in the state of Texas. Because of her enjoyment in government, she was notified that there was a competitive government team. Once she joined, she immediately started to design her bill. She says “I am overly ecstatic to make new experiences and learn more about government.” Chloe is competing in the Legislative category.

Chloe is the daughter of Isa and Gilburt Gaytan and the sister of Nicholas Gaytan. In and out of school, she is known for her amazing and bubbly personality. She is known throughout the school and her community for having an ongoing positive attitude. Chloe is an A student. She is so intelligent that she just recently got a full tuition scholarship to the University of Incarnate Word in San Antonio, TX. Her astonishing work in academics paid off. Senior Lily Standridge from Veterans Memorial in San Antonio, TX, says “One word to describe Chloe is compassionate. I say this because she puts pride into everything she does.” Chloe is loved by everyone around her and knows how to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Chloe is a natural born leader. She is captain of the volleyball team at Veterans. She has been on varsity Volleyball since her sophomore year, and she was on junior varsity her freshman year. She has impressed her coaches and teammates tremendously with all the effort and dedication she puts into the sport. She also played in the SA Empire team and was captain. Chloe is very dedicated to volleyball and hopes to maybe play in college.
Chloe’s ultimate goal in life is to be a psychologist. She wants to go to school to get her doctorate in psychology. She wishes to finish her schooling to please herself and her parents. Her father is her role model because he dropped out of high school his freshman year to help support his family. She is inspired by him because despite the conditions her father went through, he still made it to where he is now and didn’t give up along the way. She aspires to be like him because when things get hard she wants to have the strength to keep going although things get in the way.

Chloe is here today to get a bill passed. Her bill is about public attorneys being overworked. She sees an issue and wants to fix it by essentially making everyone a “public attorney”, that way there is less stress put on public attorneys. She plans on doing this by having the lawyers work for the state. She believes that just because someone has more money then another doesn’t mean they should be able to get away with everything simply because they have more money to give a lawyer more motivation.

Chloe is a well-rounded student with integrity. She is adored by everyone around her and always has a loving smile on her face that can brighten up a room. She is destined to do great things because of her dedication and drive to have a successful life. Chloe’s personality is like a ray of sunshine in someone’s darkest days. She is a very responsible person overall and has the ability to lighten up everyone’s mood around her. The world is lucky to have Chloe Gaytan!