In honor of the 2018-2019 program year kicking off this fall, we’ll be featuring some of our YG clubs and their exciting accomplishments on our blog over the next few weeks.  Next up in our new school profile series:  North Central Texas Academy in the Fort Worth District!  Thanks to Mrs. Debbie Talley for sharing her and her club’s experiences.

As an advisor, what initially drew you to YG?  What keeps you motivated to support your students in the program?

Youth and Government provides a hands on program for students to gain a better understanding of democracy and its governmental processes. It is very important to me that our students become amazing citizens that are active in the democratic process.

Share some of your club’s proudest YG-related accomplishments.

At North Central Texas Academy, our YG club has enjoyed an amazing tenure. We have had several students who have earned Distinguished Delegate over the years. Two students have served as Senate President Pro Tem and also attended National Leadership (CONA) in North Carolina.  The NCTA YG club has ranged from 10-25 students at the high school level and 5-10 students at the junior high level. We have participated in YG since 2000-2001. Our students have participated in Media, Legislative, and State Affairs program areas. Youth and Government is an amazing program giving students an opportunity to grow and find their passion as citizens. It has been awesome to see their growth as they participate and learn.

What topics are your students most passionate about?

Like a lot of people, students seem most concerned about those topics that have affected them or someone they know. I challenge them to research and talk to those around them for ideas.

What are some of the club’s goals for the 2018-2019 program year?

For 2018-2019, it is important to recruit students who are interested in protecting our freedoms and want to learn respectful debate. As a society, we must promote a dialogue that respects each individual citizen’s rights.

Thanks, NCTA!