This past Thursday Jan 28th we started the 2021 Texas Youth and Government virtual conference and along with it we kicked off the day with this year’s campaign rally. The campaign rally started by introducing those who ran in their individual sections. Such as Media, State Affairs and County Court. Within the media section all running delegates were unopposed and now they look forward to being our next year’s media officers, as well as the unopposed County Court candidate Bryson Burks. Then up for the state affairs forum chair we have Matthew Garcia and Sally Musial. All delegates introduced had the opportunity to smile and wave at the camera.

Secretary of State Tarun Dasri then introduced the at large candidates, those running for Attorney General, Chief Justice and Texas 75th Youth Governor. Attorney General and Chief justice candidates had 2 minutes to address the chambers and present their campaign video explaining the change they intend to bring within the program. Youth Governor Candidates received 2 and a half minutes to give a live speech addressing the chambers.

When all was said and done each at large candidate was asked two different questions that were submitted by state conference delegates. Candidates had up to fifteen seconds to prepare and one minute and a half to answer the question. First round of questions to the candidates was about explaining certain details of their platform or what makes their campaign unique. The second round of questions were more at ease, it was to get a chance to know the candidates in a fun personal way. At the end of the Q&A period our Secretary of State thanked all the delegates and wished them good luck. He concluded the campaign rally by announcing that voting would open that night at 8pm.

Story By Adriana Contreras