Calling all YG students and parents! We have some important mid-semester announcements for all of you! Our District Conferences are quickly approaching so continue reading for our updates.

Students: Check your email for our pre-conference survey! Fill this out by November 14th and you’ll be entered to win a $20 Amazon gift card! Three students will be chosen for this prize. You don’t want to miss out in this giveaway!

Parents: Check your email over the weekend for a reminder to complete the parental authorization form to confirm your student’s registration. The State Office needs your authorization before your student’s District Conference!

Judicial Section Participants: Check the Judicial Section of our website for updates to the Judicial Case, Rules of Evidence, and answered clarification questions. It’s incredibly important you read over this information so you’re up to date with our Judicial materials prior to your District Conference!

Returning CONA Participants: We have extended the deadline for students interested in participating in CONA in 2019. The deadline for returning CONA students, meaning you have participated in CONA before (not YG), is now November 7th.