Halloween is nearly upon us! Are you ready to be spooked by a friendly ghost? Or go out and knock on your neighbor’s door and beg for candy? Or maybe you have plans to attend a fall festival and bob for some apples and go on a hayride? Well before any festivities can begin, it is time to be introduced to our next JYG officer, State Affairs Form Chair Raphael Caballes ’24. Read below to learn a little bit about our young delegate and to see a fun fact about him!

State Affairs Chair Raphael Caballes ’24

How long have you participated in YG? Two years so far.

What is your favorite thing about participating in YG? I love getting to meet new delegates from other schools and getting to see friends from previous years.

What is your favorite YG memory? My favorite YG memory is hanging out with some of my friends at the last State Conference in 2019 and just enjoying our time in Austin.

What are you most excited to do in your elected position this year? I am excited to be able to chair and help out new delegates in the State Affairs Form section.

What message would you like to give to first year students in YG? I would like to tell all the new students in YG to not be scared, and to know that all of your thoughts and ideas matter.

Favorite thing about Halloween?  I really like the amount of horror movies and shows that come our during this time.