Volunteer registration for the 2020 High School State Conference is now open!  Register here.

Each year we depend on numerous volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to help us implement a successful YMCA Texas Youth and Government (YG) program that impacts students statewide.  When you register to become a volunteer for the YG team, you are directly contributing to the overall success and advancement of our mission: To help teenagers become responsible citizens and future leaders of our nation. 

We always love to hear from potential volunteers. Please contact Breanna Tuck, Texas Youth and Government Program Coordinator, to discuss volunteer opportunities and with any questions about volunteering at our January 2020 High School State Conference.  It’s never too early to mark your calendar!

Curious about the different areas in which students participate?  Read about each section and the volunteer opportunities involved below.

Volunteer FAQs

Volunteer Training Webinar (Coming Soon)

Maps to Courthouses

Maps for Capitol Extensions

2020 High School State Conference Volunteer Packet – Maps and Schedules (Coming Soon)

Alumni FAQs

Well-versed in Congressional happenings?  Avid follower of Legislative sessions?  Ever have “I’m Just a Bill” stuck in your head?  Consider volunteering with our Legislative section!

Volunteer as a Legislative Evaluator: help score student delegates within a committee on a variety of factors including preparedness, participation, and quality of debate.  Guide students as they propose, discuss, and vote on bills in the various Houses and Senates.

Volunteer as a Chair/Clerk Evaluator: move between committee rooms to evaluate the Chairs and Clerks of committees on their knowledge of parliamentary procedure, ability to engage the room, and more in the various Houses and Senates.

Volunteer as a Room Monitor: help monitor general student conduct.  You may be placed in House, Senate, Duran House, or Duran Senate Chambers for the duration of a session or be asked to move between committee rooms.

Legislative Section Resources

Legislative Committee Volunteer Descriptions

Legislative Committee Evaluation Form

Legislative Chair/Clerk Evaluation Form

Committee Debate Chart for Timekeeping

Have a background in the legal field?*  We would love to have your support as a Judicial volunteer!

Volunteers in this section serve as courtroom evaluators and evaluate 90-minute trials involving High School Conference mock trial or appellate teams. Evaluators observe teams in each round and rank not only the full team but also the individual attorneys, judges, and witnesses in a variety of categories.

* Volunteers with a background in the legal field or an understanding of courtroom proceedings are preferred but NOT required.  We welcome any volunteer willing to learn!

 Judicial Volunteer Snapshot

Trail Court Resources

2019-2020 Trial Case

Trial Court Tips for Evaluators

Trial Court Evaluation Quick Reference

Trial Court Evaluation Form

Appellate Court Resources

2020 Appellate Case

Appellate Tips for Evaluators

Appellate Evaluation Form

Knowledgeable about newsworthy issues?  Passionate about exposing youth to current events and problem solving?  State Affairs Forum could benefit from your expertise!

Volunteers in this section will assist in the ranking and scoring of delegate proposals suggesting solutions related to issues of importance. They may pass out and collect score sheets, tabulate scores throughout the day, and/or evaluate chair and clerk teams.

To sign up as a volunteer, please go to our Registration Page and complete our interest form.

Passionate about instilling fundamentals of democracy in the next generation?  We greatly value any volunteer willing to assist and help with the massive workload our State Conferences require. General Conference volunteers can sign up to work at the information booth and give students directions and/or to help with check-in, setup, lunch and afternoon clean up, assist with legislative as a room monitor or evaluator, assist with state affairs or media, and/or loading/unloading of buses.  Volunteer shifts will be at various locations.

To sign up as a General Conference Volunteer, please go to our Registration Page and complete our interest form.

We appreciate our engaged alumni and their efforts to remain involved in YG as club advisors, volunteers, and experts about the program. Below are the State Conference volunteer opportunities for our young alumni.

Recent High School Graduates: To maintain the fairness and integrity of the program, we ask that our newest alumni sit out at least one program year before registering to volunteer at the High School State Conference.  This means that college freshmen are not eligible to volunteer at the High School State Conference. They may be allowed to assist at the Middle School State Conference and are invited to sit in on the Conferences.  We value your experience and appreciate your willingness to help. However, we want to ensure that recent high school graduates are seen as experienced YG alumni and not as peers of current participants.

College Students (Sophomores-Seniors): Alumni in college do have the opportunity to volunteer in a limited capacity.  That capacity/responsibility grows as alumni become upperclassmen.

  • If you are a college sophomore, you may be considered as a General Conference volunteer for the High School State Conference. You will not be assigned to evaluator roles in any section to ensure YG alumni are seen as knowledgeable experts and not as peers of current participants.

  • Another volunteer opportunity for college sophomores may be at the Middle School State Conference, where you may serve as evaluators in any section or help section leaders in some other capacity. This is a great opportunity to serve as mentors to our middle school students.

  • If you are a college junior or senior, you may volunteer at either the High School or Middle School State Conference. You can sign up for evaluator shifts in specific sections or fill the roles of your choice.

College Staff: These are YG alumni selected to volunteer for the entirety of the three-day High School State Conference or two-day Middle School State Conference.  Our college staff is comprised primarily of juniors and seniors in college, but the State Director may consider sophomores on an individual basis.  Eight spots are available each year at each of the State Conferences.  Students will be offered hotel accommodations and meals in exchange for their volunteer efforts during the State Conference for which they are selected.  They will be assigned various volunteer roles and may select volunteer areas of interest. However, they will primarily be assigned to roles with the greatest need for volunteers which include specific section volunteers, evening activity coordinators, and office assistants. If you would like to be a part of college staff, please complete our volunteer interest form by December 2nd. The State Director will notify those selected by December 17th.

For more information on volunteer opportunities and our efforts to engage with our YG alumni, please read our Alumni FAQs.