This was a challenging week for our 22 delegates that participated in CONA 2020 on a new virtual platform. Despite the many unexpected difficulties that our delegates face, Texas showed up strong at CONA this year. We would like to congratulate the members of the Texas YG family that served in leadership roles this week and celebrate the recipients of various awards.

First, congrats to Timothy Sinnott, member of the Texas State YG Board of Management and recipient of the 2020 Paul Grist Award.

The following delegates served in a leadership position at CONA 2020:

  • Aayush Dave as Presiding Officer
  • Tadiwa Mujokoto as Conference Life Committee Member and Proposal Sharing Group Leader
  • Alex Searles as Round Table Chair Leader
  • Vivienne Garner as Proposal Sharing Group Leader
  • Alyssa Mills as Proposal Sharing Group Leader
  • Madison Dillon as Committee Chair
  • Mikayla Pastrano as Committee Chair

Congratulations to Athvait Manikantan, Alyssa Mills, Mikayla Pastrano, and Chase Patterson. Their proposals made it to General Assembly. Mills, Pastrano, and Patterson’s proposals were passed in their respective assemblies.

Finally, congratulations to Garner and Sam Mills for earning Distinguished Delegate.

Overall, all 22 students did an excellent job representing Texas at CONA 2020. Many of our delegates spoke out in committees, Grand Assembly, and Plenary and delivered excellent and well thought out intent speeches and pro and con points. However, what truly made this group of delegates special was the amount of compassion and kindness they showed to one another and to the delegates from other states and their commitment to the YMCA Core Values. All of our delegates from Texas helped made CONA 2020 a success and congratulations to all of them for their hard work and participation this past week.