At State Conferences last January and February, YMCA Texas Youth and Government students elected a new slate of officers to serve them during the 2018-2019 program year.  We’ll be featuring an interview with each officer on our blog in upcoming weeks.  Next up: Attorney General JaDarius Jones!

What inspired you to pursue the Attorney General position?  What goals do you have for the Trial Court? 

I ran for the position to engage my leadership skills for the program and to make a brightening change to the Trial Court branch.

My goals for Trial Court are:

  1. To help new and transitioning delegates from other sections get adjusted to the Trial Court setting
  2. Clarify any confusion related to roles and assets included in the section
  3. Ensure that all members receive their scores from both District and State level

What would be your dream topic for this year’s case and why?

My dream topic for this year’s case might be murder. The tension between all characters of the case would bring you to the edge of your seat. There are many hidden conspiracies and motives that once revealed would cause utter shock among the audience. That is the type of feeling that I enjoy experiencing and that could never go stale.

Share a favorite YG memory.

My favorite YG memory was the experience of running for my current position. I got the opportunity to meet, interact, and make friends with a multitude of people. The amount of stress I dealt with when running caused a catastrophic amount of pimples to grow on my face, but in the end, it was all worth it regardless of me winning or not.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

To bond with my fellow officers and to implement my platform as promised.

That sounds like true commitment!  Thank you, JaDarius.