By Zuly Noriega,
Duncanville High School 


As the Renaissance Hotel becomes flooded at State with eager delegates from Youth and Government (YAG), we can’t help but notice District 5’s theme and attire. A navy long-sleeve blue shirt with big bold red letters spelling out, “THE NOW GENERATION.” Delegates also can’t help but stop and read the messages being plastered on posters and balloons displayed all throughout the lobby saying “FUTURE CHANGE MAKERS”.

These phrases echoing around this week’s conference raise our curiosity and invite big questions: How do both these topics tie together and apply to YAG students; and why is it so significant to acknowledge delegates’ roles in them?

The Now Generation has high ambiguity, many meanings, and is uniquely defined by every delegate. Two conference delegates asked what the Now Generation means to them gave different definitions, although both had a similar idea of how the Now Generation contributes to the theme of “Future Change Makers.”

State Affairs Forum (SAF) delegate Thomas Goa defines the Now Generation as, “The Now Generation is how our generation doesn’t recognize the role they have, which is why a lot of youth does not vote.”

Legislative delegate Sergio Juarez says, “The Now Generation is a unique group who have gone through lots of physical, social, and emotional challenges.” Both delegates have unique meanings of the Now Generation and both mention change.

Goa adds, “We need to realize that it is up to the youth to make changes, speak out when we have the chance, and be aware of our situations and our society.”

Juares says, “Delegates have built the determination to be able to make a change if they want to make a change.”

Overall, these two delegates help shine a light on how the youth are the drivers of this change. In other words, the “Future Change Makers.”

Since the Now Generation is believed to be the future change makers, which includes the YAG delegates, it is significant for these individuals to understand their impact on the world. YAG delegates’ awareness of their influence on the future is significant and represented in YAG because it helps demand change now and fast. For YAG, a lot of members want to make a change and know they can do it now, so they create these proposals and bills to have a future of getting passed in the National Congress.

The next time you delegates come across a Now Generation t-shirt, or when you are taking pictures with friends with the words “Future Change Makers” in the background, remember and understand that you all are the “NOW” and you all are the “FUTURE.” It is up to YOU as a delegate to take responsibility for the torch, maintain the flame and strongly pass it onto the next. 

  Delegates Thomas Gao and Sergio- Juarez, The Now Generations shirts worn.