The mission of Youth and Government is to, “Help teenagers become responsible citizens and future leaders of our nation.” Everything that takes place in the program stems from this ideal.

Youth and Government equips delegates with skills that can benefit them, not just while they participate in the program, but also throughout their lives. Athena Bruess, a Youth and Government alumni currently attending the University of Pittsburgh, spoke about her experiences in the program and their influence on her current skill set. “I know that I have the communication and critical thinking skills that will be essential for my future career… For example, due to the communication and public speaking skills that I learned through this program, I was able to successfully be a part of the tour guide program through my university.”

Additionally, according to former Chief Justice of Texas Youth and Government Sebastiane Cab alles, YG opens doors to networking opportunities and life-long friendships.“I cannot count the amount of lasting friendships and connections that have come through youth and government. YG has allowed me to be surrounded by so many incredible people. These are people that both I look to for advice and come to me for advice as well. Beyond the awards and accolades, youth and government has blessed me with an amazing commun ity of individuals that I can look to for support and encouragement.”

Both Bruess and Caballes expressed their appreciation for the program, and that overall, they wouldn’t be who they are or where they are today without their involvement in YG. Alumni continuously come back and volunteer once they have graduated high school to be a part of other delegate’s experiences and have a positive impact on the program in the same way many people did for them.

By: Jamie Bowers Oak Cliff Delegation