By Meghan Wright

Through observation, it has been noted that there are a variety of problems in the Judicial Section of Texas YG. A common occurrence is for Attorney General candidates to promise change in the Judicial Section. A number of complaints have occurred over the same issue: a lack of communication in the section

“We are not first-year students but there was a lot that was not told to us. There should be training and more education materials from the State Office” said Nairn Cross from Wimberly High School in Austin.

Other Seniors have addressed issues in addition to the lack of communication. “They need to send multiple emails to our teams about affidavits. I heard rumors that the case was written by an attorney who worked with another team which caused an unfair advantage. I also think that judges need to be trained better and held to a higher standard” said Jeanna Goldsmith of the Midland Delegation.

Miles Baker, who is also from the Midland Delegation, called for attorney training. “I want for the State to provide standardized training for the prospective attorneys. I also feel like it would be fun and educational for the attorneys to take a mock BAR Exam. I would have enjoyed having a webinar or just training in general. I don’t necessarily need training but it helps the newer attorneys adjust to the way the courtroom runs. I want this club to succeed. I love this organization and it has definitely made an impact on my life.”

Statements made by multiple Senior students indicates that those who were interviewed are invested in the prosperity of the Texas Youth and Government organization.