By Sierra Jackson

Today in the Legislative Hyde House, delegate Mihir Nakra of Centennial High School got his bill passed.

The goal of his bill was that there should be more necessary prerequisites when purchasing long arms or handguns.

During the questioning period, amendments, and pro/cons speeches, many delegates questioned Nakra.

An amendment  was made stating that if a salesman does not take the correct measurements to make sure that the buyer is competent to have the firearm, he or she on the first offense will be fined $250, on the second offense, their license will be suspended for a month, and on the third offense, their license will be taken completely.

Nakra believed the amendment was important to his bill. “With one gun in the wrong hands, the effects can be be fatal,” Nakra said. The amendment was passed with a 22:24 ratio.

Evan Lee, a delegate in the same committee, was not so on board with the bill. “This bill is lacking crucial things that should be in it, so for that reason, I urge you not to vote for this bill,” Lee said.


“There were 300 mass shootings in America in 2018, and it’s really a big problem,” said Nakra. “We have to have fun control, gun safety. This is just a small step in the process.”