Our Judicial program section allows students to participate in a mock-trial setting.  They act as judges, attorneys, witnesses, and bailiffs in a series of rounds in which they compete against other teams as either the Defense or Prosecution for Trial Court or the Appellant or Appellee for Appeals Court.

Our goal for our Judicial participants is for them to develop a clear and active understanding of the judicial process in both criminal courts and appeals courts. Participants are challenged to work as a team to develop solid arguments for all sides of a case and perform their roles faithfully to replicate real court proceedings as closely as possible.

The Case and supporting materials for each Judicial section can be found underneath the toggles below.

** Please note we are excited to return to in person programs and conference for 2021-2022. Any previous guidelines from our virtual conferences are no longer applicable. As a result, we are reverting back to all in person procedures  as the documents and procedures below reference.

If you are a Judicial Section volunteer, please see the Resource Portal for additional volunteer materials.

We will soon share a Trial Court Preview for our 2021-2022 cases. Please note the Appellate Case will be different from the Trial Case.

Submit Judicial questions here by October 22, 2021. Answers will be released by October 29, 2021.

Austin District Brief Submission Form: High School

Dallas District Brief Submission Form: High School

Fort Worth District Brief Submission Form: High School

Houston District Brief Submission Form: High School

Midland District Brief Submission Form: High School

Thank you to the Texas Bar Foundation for the generous gift that made this Judicial Resource Library possible.

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