By Kyeler Smith

Prosecutor of Amani Hayes

Prosecutor from county court in live action of questioning  Amani Hayes in the courtroom asking “where were you going the night of the crime”

Judges getting ready for another case

The judges of Amani Hayes case preparing for the trial to start and the delegates in the room to stand for their roles in the case. This was right before the judges asked “stand with your right hand up and tell the truth and nothing but the truth..”

Emily speaks the truth

Emily, a 63 year old woman, is being trialed in the courtroom when asked where she was at 2am she replied with “I was craving a bacon donut”

Questioning of Emily

The judges interviewing delegates one by one, this picture was taking when Emily was on the stage and you could hear questions being asked such as “where were you the night of the crime” and “when was the last time you heard from the victim.”

Let the case begin

After rules and regulations are listed, the courtrooms judge goes over a few more questions asked by the delegates before the trial begins.”any questions before we start?”

Fatality revealed

The delegates are being informed of what’s going on in the case, this is how they respond when they are told by the judge “3 victims involved in DUI wreck were listed as 2 injured and 1 dead.”


Judges question the nurse of who drew blood of the victim, where she states “there was a substantial amount of alcohol in the blood from him.”

Locked in

A YMCA volunteer is very focused on what he is doing while providing for the courtroom. He was asked questions by media after trial and stated many times “he loves what he does and he wouldn’t want it to be anyway else.”

First call for help

Josh was the first policeman on the scene of the crime. He’s answers the question of when he was on the scene and he answered with “he got there before any other officer, and he was ready to take on any challenge brought to him.”

I solemnly swear

Delegates were asked to stand by the judges, and they replied with “yes” over all and “they were to be truthful and 100 percent through the whole trial.”