4,421 years ago, around 2400 BCE, the concept of prostitution was first recorded on Ancient Summerian tablets believed to have listed  the various roles of the cult of Inanna, a Summerian deity associated with love. Following its early conceptualization, prostitution has endured the test of time and remains part of modern day society. Disregarding the persistence of sex work, todays policies have illegalized prostitution and has labelled it as filthy and demoralizing. Young legislator Zoe Constanza, convinced that prostitution has been handled unreasonably, has written a bill proposing the legalization and regulation of prostitution. Shocking Constanza, her approach has been accepted by many in the House of Representatives (HR).

Sex work is often blamed for the spread of STDs, for the destruction of marriages, and for the abandonment of morality. Zoe Constanza, however, argues that it is immoral to illegalize prostitution, “Sex work may be immoral, but the fact that it’s never going to end is more important. It’s called the oldest profession for a reason, it will always exist. So we should make sure its safe for the people that partake, particularly prostitutes which are fourty times more likely to be murdered than the average American.” She’s determined that through the protection of the law and regulation, prostitution can become a safe and healthy profession. Furthermore, the regulation of sex work, Zoey says, could potentially become a way to combat human trafficking.

Ian Bock, another legislator in the HR, though deeply impressed by Constanza’s competence and bill, isn’t convinced that her bill will do away with the dangers of prostitution. “All this bill did was give legalization for brothels,” said Bock, “ and it only decriminalized all sex work, so there will no longer be patrols out making sure that minors aren’t participating in sex work and being abused.” Bock, instead, calls for various amendments to this bill. These include constant vigilance over sex work and consistent testing for STDs.

For the longest of time, sex work has often required for prostitutes to sell their body away, introducing various moral problems. However, policy should be there to keep the people as safe and prosperous as possible. Whilst Constanza attempts to achieve this for sex workers, this is a complex issue that requires complex solutions. We can only hope that legislators keep building upon Constanza’s initial effort.

HR legislator, Theodore Vance, inquiring about the bill in question, consumed by the tabooness of the subject and ready to interact with what seems to be a revolutionary idea.

Written by: Luis Fuentes