Happy fall! Here at the State Office, the temperature has dropped and the air now has a chilly touch of fall to the air. Pumpkins at local stores are out in full force and we have learned that blue and pink pumpkins are a thing and are a specialty produce in the squash and gourd family. Neighborhoods are decked out in fun and spooky Halloween decorations.

However, we’re sure our delegates are also focused on what happens after Halloween. District Conference is a mere few weeks away and things in YG are starting to ramp up. In preparation for District Conference, it’s time to now introduce your Junior Youth and Government (JYG) officers. See below for an introduction to the Texas JYG Governor, Diya Hedge ’24.

Texas Junior Youth Governor Diya Hedge ’24

How long have you participated in YG? This will be my third year in the Youth and Government Program!

What is your favorite thing about participating in YG? My favorite thing about participating in this program is meeting new people from all over Texas! It really allows you to expand and connect with others with different backgrounds. I really love how warm and welcoming the YG community is. YG definitely builds very strong friendships across delegations, which is an important part of the program!

What is your favorite YG memory? My favorite memory in YG was my first State Conference in Austin. I remember being elated to the point of giddiness! It was my first time being away from my family for more than one night. I enjoyed debating other delegates and watching my friends’ bills get passed in committee. The experience overall at the State Conference was incredible! It was amazing to debate like real legislators.

What are you most excited to do in your elected position this year? I am most excited to work with delegates across the entire state! I hope to spread democracy throughout the state and sign bills into action that I think will improve our society. I am very excited to meet more delegates and connect with new people!

What message would you like to give to first year students in YG? A major piece of advice I can give to first year students is to never give up! Always make sure you give your 100%, at all times! Regardless of whether you win or lose, it is always important to keep trying and not give up. As future leaders, it is important to be driven about your passions.

Now for the most important question, what is your favorite Halloween candy? Sour Patch Kids!