Well-versed in Congressional happenings?  Avid follower of Legislative sessions?  Ever have “I’m Just a Bill” stuck in your head?  Consider volunteering with our Legislative section!

Volunteer as a Legislative Evaluator: help score student delegates within a committee on a variety of factors including preparedness, participation, and quality of debate.  Guide students as they propose, discuss, and vote on bills in the various Houses and Senates.

Volunteer as a Chair/Clerk Evaluator: move between committee rooms to evaluate the Chairs and Clerks of committees on their knowledge of parliamentary procedure, ability to engage the room, and more in the various Houses and Senates.

Volunteer as a Room Monitor: help monitor general student conduct.  You may be placed in House, Senate, Duran House, or Duran Senate Chambers for the duration of a session or be asked to move between committee rooms.

Interested in volunteering?

Legislative Section Resources

Legislative Committee Volunteer Descriptions

Legislative Committee Evaluation Form

Legislative Chair/Clerk Evaluation Form

Committee Debate Chart for Timekeeping