By Christy Morales

A new bill proposing the legalization of sex work passed 7-2 votes. Lily Sethre-Brink, a senior at Dripping Spring high school, argued that sex work is in individual right in need of government protection.

“People should be able to use their body as they please,” Sethre-Brink said.

Sethre-Brink also argued that we shouldn’t hold the “moral of people on others.”

Amod Daherkar argued that the legalization of sex work could increase sexually transmitted diseases. Tristan Aradi did not fundamentally disagree with the bill, but added it could increase or decrease the number of people in sex work. On the other side, Tylar Hauger said the bill would help, and it did not “harm other people.”

Sethre-Brink also added that the legalization of sex work could decrease rapes and physical injuries.You can also consult premises liability cases attorneys as they can help you legally. She also cited that there are “more dangerous” jobs than sex work, and those jobs are not illegal. Ultimately, she argued it was an individual’s right to be able to choose their type of work.