By Jacieon Williams

The beauty of the State Capitol is unmatched. The limitless carvings and outstanding colors give its audience an experience to remember.

Delegate Alexis Brown takes a stroll up the Capitol stairs, as she basks in her final State Conference.

Delegates gather as they enter a new chapter of their lives through the 2020 House Conference.

“We will now be moving on to the Opponent and Proponent debate period.” Delegates and Chairs gather to discuss the terms of criminalizing false accusations.

“ The $20 it costs to buy a Juul or any type of cigarette, can seriously damage one’s thoughts, and in extreme cases….take their voice.”

Delegate Macie Hall calls for a point of inquiry to clarify the truth behind the current circumstances of public safety.

Throughout the Conference debate, time was spent in the State Capitol Library.

Furthermore, this is a place of wonder, filled with centuries of Texas laws and Daily floor reports.

In order to learn the history of these laws, delegates are able to gain knowledge from these books, which will aid in further debates.

In conclusion, Youth and Government consists of more than just debate. It contains Reading, Studying, Practicing, and many more aspects of hard work. The halls of knowledge are endless.