By Tyler McClanahan

       Five delegates from FBCA headed to one of their trials. They all have worked very hard to get here and they strive to go farther. The five delegates came out of the trial with a success and more confidence than before. After the trial I asked Josiah Matthews what his opinion was of this trial, he said “I felt good going into it and I feel even better coming out, I have no doubt that the next one will be another success.”

       The first to come off the bus is three delegates from FBCA. They all have a good but long day ahead of them. Their first trial was tough at first, but after that trial they got everything together and did their best to succeed. Luis Salazar told me “today is just the start, so we must do our best.”

       These new delegates decided to pose for a picture during lunch. First time at state can be nervous but this group is not worried. They had a good day but it wasn’t over yet. They plan on the rest of the day to be intensive but also successful.

       This delegate is new to state, but that doesn’t bother her. She’s walking to her trial expecting to do amazing and nothing less. The halls of the capital made things confusing for new delegates but everyone caught on fast. This first day of state was a start for everyone.

       These two judges are taking a break after their first trials that started off their day. Those first trials are intense and packed with a lot of important information. These judges aren’t phased by anything that comes their way.

     Practicing for his first trial to start off his day is Manny Carmouche. He’s familiar with everything here that state has to offer so he’s expecting for his day to go well. Today he was worried at first but he said “what is there to worry about? We are all already here.” He is saying that we shouldn’t worry because there’s no going back.

       Coming back from a difficult, but interesting, trial is Andy Nguyen. His mindset of all of his trials are positive, never negative. During a trial he’s always focused and zoned into what’s going on. Some people notice his effort to do well and that inspires them.

       After a long and slow trial these delegates decided to discuss what they did right and what they did wrong. Discussing these things are important and helps you to improve. When they discuss the things they did wrong they find ways to fix the problem and make it better.

       The delegates here are discussing what to do during certain situations in the trials today. When they practice these delegates like to have fun while doing it. It’s good to be able to practice something and have fun while doing it because that shows that you truly like what you do.

       These delegates are talking to the judge of their recent trial about what they should do to improve. All the information they took in was positive and they learned from everything they did in each trial. The judge gave them the feedback they needed to practice and get better. All of the delegates did something to better themselves for their trials.