By Meghan Wright

During the first round of County Court trials on Friday a significant issue arose. There appeared to be a consistent lack of communication between the State-organized information sources and Judicial teams. The lack of communication created a sense of disunity among the individual members and the teams associated with the Judicial section of Youth and Government

County Court Team 12 from Midland on the side of the Defense and Team 19 from Waxahachie on the side of the State, demonstrated the effects that the lack of communication has taken on Judicial. While Team 12 was prepared and aware of updates to the court case and regulations, Team 19 struggled due to a lack of information in general terms.

Team 19 attempted to enter the death certificate of Chassidy Barnes as Evidence Exhibit A during their direct questioning of a witness. Their attempt was denied due to confusion over whether or not Exhibit A was admissible on the grounds of whether it was in the October update of the case. After the trial, it was discovered that their evidence was admissible and valid. Team 19 lost points over the confusion with Exhibit A.

After questioning both an attorney and a witness from the Waxahachie delegation, it became apparent that information that was essential to the success of the Prosecution’s case was never brought to their immediate attention.

“I walked in prepared but I was thrown off by some of their   (Team 12) questions and some objections,” said Madison Randall, Waxhachie delegation.  “I was aware of the updated case but copies were not able to be made in time. We need more communication between State and District. The case needs communication.”

“I was prepared for my witness but I wasn’t aware of any updates to the affidavits. I wasn’t aware that there was an updated version of the documents,” said Alyssa Mills who represented a witness named Imani Haines.

The Midland Delegation was aware of the changes to the case and adjusted their strategy for winning the case. Team 12 of the Midland Delegation did not give a statement.