As day two of the Texas Youth and Government Conference (YG) commenced, State Affairs (SAF) delegates Joshua Lee and Raphael Caballes found themselves on the proposal docket for General Assembly (GA).Prior to their opening remarks, proposal number 43 entitled Sex Education Reform stirred mixed feelings, but for the wrong reasons. While the attention should’ve been on the general debate of the proposal, a memorable argument was centered towards the amendment period. 

Previous to Lee and Caballes’ proposal, a motion was passed to limit the number of amendments to four speakers. The commotion commenced when a delegate trying to get their amendment heard, asked for a motion to shuffle amendments, which was recognized by appointed proposal Chair Shmeis. As the motion was getting voted on, another delegate suggested a motion to shuffle amendments for every proposal, including the current one. 

A concerned delegate questioned this motive, “Point of Inquiry! Wasn’t there a motion passed already regarding the amendment period?”.

Left and right, Point of Inquiries were heard throughout the Trinity room as confused students questioned the integrity of the recent motion and time restrictions. One delegate argued that they couldn’t shuffle amendments, while another quickly countered that by stating it would be at the discretion of the chair. 

Chair Shmeis decided to recognize the motion as delegates shouted their disapproval in apparent ‘BOO’s’. Shmeis, under pressure, stated that this would be the last proposal she chairs, presumably due to the disapproval. Ultimately, Shemis called for ‘I’s’ in approval and ‘Nay’s’ in disapproval to be heard, concluding the ‘I’s’ as the majority. 

While all thought this disagreement ended, division was called by most “Nay’s’ in an attempt to set a recount. Quickly, Point of Order was called in an attempt to question the chair’s counting motives. “Point of Order! Isn’t the chair supposed to count division according to the handbook?’ questioned Madison Irvin. The chair called the room to order and concluded her final decision of a recount. 

After the long-awaited recount, the result was final: amendments will NOT be shuffled.

Written by: Jacqueline Chavez