At State Conferences last January and February, YMCA Texas Youth and Government students elected a new slate of officers to serve them during the 2018-2019 program year.  We’ll be featuring an interview with each officer on our blog in upcoming weeks.  Next up: Chief Justice Amena Tep!  Look out for more on Amena later this summer.  She and six other classmates will represent Creekview High School in the YG National Judicial Competition in Chicago in early August.

What would you like other delegates to know about Appeals Court?

One thing I want everyone to know about Appeals is that it’s very different from Mock Trial. When people think of the judicial section they automatically assume, HEY Mock Trial. But in reality it’s more complex than that. The Appeals Courts are the ones that review cases that have been heard in lower courts. It mainly has to do with constitutional violations. And we construct an argument using case law and statutes.

What is your favorite thing about acting as a justice?

My favorite thing about acting as a justice is how much control you have. I do about seven competitions a year at my school, and I’m attorney for all of them. Switching over to being a justice for YG really gives me exposure to not only power but also to understanding the case on a deeper level.   The judges already know the case much better, we have to in order to ask complex questions during the round. And it makes me happy.

Share a favorite YG memory.

My favorite memory is running for Chief Justice and getting to know all the candidates.

What are your plans for the summer?

To study, and prepare for college. Also to meet with the other officers to plan for next year!