By Qandeel Suleman

Many of the delegates of the State Affairs General Assembly are current first years of either the State Affairs section or Youth & Government itself. Some of these delegates simply believe that the State Affairs Forum would be an interesting section to participate in.

Amir Kinnare, a sophomore from Imagine Academy of the Dallas district, expanded upon as to why he chose to participate in the State Affairs Forum along with his first experience of a Youth & Government State Conference.

Delegate Kinnare, in his first year at the State Conference, expressed that he chose to participate in the State Affairs section.

“I enjoy hearing other people’s opinions and learn from them,” Kinnare said.

However, he did feel as though this was an intimidating section because of how nervous he is when talking in front of his fellow delegates, yet he keeps going. According to Kinnare, he “fakes it ‘till he makes it.”

The delegate’s proposal was not a part of the General Assembly because it did not pass through the Second Committee. Delegate Kinnare elaborated how his group’s proposal was on creating a space force in order to provide protection against any outside forces such as meteors.

However, during the Second Committee, Delegate Kinnare believed that his proposal did not pass due to his group and his lack of confidence and lack of research. He plans on improving next year in order to present a proposal of his own in the General Assembly.

Many delegates agree with Kinnare that the first year is rough on your own when approaching the stand to talk and think quickly in order to influence your fellow delegates and voice your opinion. On the other hand, they do believe that the State Affairs section is a place to learn, grow, and enjoy your time in Youth & Government.