By Meghan Wright

Allyson-lynn Naylor of the Westwood (Dallas) Delegation spoke commented on her view of YG before the commencement of Round 2 of County Court Trials. Naylor, a Senior in high school, has been a member of the Youth and Government (YG) Judicial section for her Junior and Senior year. Naylor has served as an attorney in both District and County Court.

At home in Palestine Texas, Naylor is the acting Vice President of the Westwood Delegation and an upstanding attorney of the County Court team. Her team regards her highly as an essential member in the Judicial section and as an effective and courteous Delegation Vice President. Her team will miss her once she graduates, according to Naylor’s team

Naylor expressed the extent of the work she has put into her career in YG and the impact that YG has had on her life.

“I prepared so much for the State Conference. I attended a law program at Stanford recently,” Naylor said. “YG has made my life so much crazier but in a good way. YG has inspired me to pursue law enforcement as a career after I graduate this year.”

In the courtroom, Naylor uses her past experiences in YG to her advantage. In the case that I sat in on, she masterfully questioned witnesses for the Defense. She was prepared to win and adapt in whatever way necessary to win the case for her team. She cites that her experience in District Court last year as an instrumental tool in guiding a team that is mostly comprised of Freshmen in advancing to the State Conference.

“I would like to see more clarity and organization with the conference and the cases that Judicial gets,” Naylor said. “I feel like the State Conference should be longer so we as delegates can get to know our Governor candidates better. I feel like there is just too much to push into one weekend. I want to see the program that I love so dearly continue to thrive and grow.”