By Sierra Jackson

Today in the courtroom of Judge Lauren Graham, Jack E. Singley Academy won the Court County case against Fox Tech High School in the Judicial branch.

Delegates Alexa De La Fuente and Jasmine Lomeli of Singley led their team as the attorneys in the win. Delegates Thalia Romo and Mary Pacheco led Fox Tech as the attorneys.

In the case of Cameron Shepard vs. the State of Texas, De La Fuente and Lomeli were on the prosecution team. They argued that Shepard was guilty of the death of his girlfriend, Chasity Barns, in a car accident in which he was driving while intoxicated. Intoxication while driving always leads to injuries caused by accidents.Visit Website to find lawyers as they can help you in claiming compensation for the injuries sustained . In such cases you can also  In such cases you can also consult attorneys for personal injury cases in Riverside as they can help you legally or you can consult Augusta truck accident claims lawyers in case of truck accidents as they can help you in claiming compensation.You can also check this link right here now to claim compensation in case of accidents. “Mr.Shepard showed erratic behavior while he was driving, according to witnesses,” said De La Fuente.

The defense team in case, led by Romo and Pacheco, defended Shepard as best they could. They had Dr. Sydney Tate explain what she concluded about the case. “Cameron Shepard was under the legal limit to operate a car,” said Tate.

Ultimately, Judge Graham had the final say in the matter. She deemed Shepard as guilty of the charges and the prosecution met their burden of proof.

“The prosecution was more passionate about the way they went about the case. They provided good witness statement with strong evidence,” said Judge Graham.