By Auyana Aird

Taking on the role as a witness, bailiff, attorney, or judge brings a different feel to many of the judicial delegates. Time, memorization and acting skills to be able to cause a more realistic feeling of the case. Considering this hard work and dedication, you would think delegates would be involved in this section for future careers, but most delegates say otherwise.

“I thought about pursuing law and it is something that’s in my mind but most likely I will not do this as a career.” Delegate Manny Carmouche from the Baytown YMCA said.

It takes a lot of preparation for the on-sight seven round trial in district court. Even though, some Judicial members do not see a future in the law industry.  

“The law is really interesting but I do not think it is the best pathway for me.” Karla Rodriguez from Metro YMCA. “I would like to become an environmental engineer and attend The University of Texas at Austin to pursue that path.”

It was evident that Judicial members enjoy the program and the process, but still, multiple delegates agreed the program did not connect with their career path.

“Getting into the case and being more aware of the process is a reason that I am still in Judicial.” Delegate Juan Navejar from North Shore said.

The cases presented in Judicial are real world cases, it replicates real world trials. The thought of having this as a career in adult life is not in the eyes of most Judicial delegates. Being in the State of Texas Capitol makes the experience of mock trial authentic but doesn’t change the mind of most delegates decisions on not pursuing their career on law.

“I do not plan on doing this in life, I am just doing this for fun.” Delegate Nam Houston from Baytown YMCA said.

The intensity of being in a mock trial room while it is in session is through every district court door you walk through.

“I do not plan on doing law in my adult life because I have kind of found my love within the biology field but this is a really interesting life experience for me.” Delegate Sierra Scott from Hays High School said. “Even though I do not plan on going into law when I graduate, it is still a really great experience and has taught me so much in government in general.”