By Katherine Funderburg

In the John H. Reagan building, the Hyde Senate came to order to start on Hyde Senate bill thirteen. Bill thirteen proposes instating a mandatory personal finance course in 12th grade. This is set to replace Macroeconomics, a class required in 12th grade in the state of Texas. The bill was passed with no opposition.

“This is not just any crisis, it’s an education crisis,” said Nathan Evanhar.

According Evanhar, some private schools already this course greatly benefiting the students. The majority of the new generation do not know how to handle money. This is a problem is not only statewide but nationwide.

The lone star state’s drop out rate is one of the worst in the nation with one out of five students dropping out, according to the Intercultural Development Research Association. This course will be more preparation for the real world and a better education helping to rise the graduation rate and rewarding them with skills they will absolutely need in their near future. Macroeconomic teachers will become Personal finance teachers. This practical class will teach students how to do taxes, budgeting, stock investment, credit and balancing checkbooks and promote overall financial literacy before students head off to college and are typically on their own for the first time. It is the schools mission to educate and prepare seniors for their future.

“The idea that men/women are created equal. In the sense, all people are created to  have the best education which is applicable to real life”said Evanhar

In his proposal, Evanhar stated, “that it will ensure a better financial future for Texas and Americans.”

Many questions were asked from all over the Senate floor, and amendments were made to clarify the bill but the bill passed with no opposition.